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"a ceremony that touched us very deeply"

Hi Sally!

Thank you so much for making our wedding SO PERFECT. We knew when we first met you that that we had a good fit, but we didn't expect to feel such a strong connection during the ceremony, or for you to find so many personal and insightful things to say. Many people said to us that they thought you were an old friend of ours. That's just what it felt like. We didn't have much time to prepare with you before the big day, but you listened with such care, and created a ceremony that touched us very deeply.

While everyone at our wedding completely supports our relationship, no-one there (including us!) had ever attended a same-sex wedding before. It was amazing how you were able to put everyone completely at ease. It was not a religious wedding, and you're not allowed to say the word God, but it was a profoundly spiritual moment that also genuinely touched the hearts of our friends and family. You have a special gift, and we are so incredibly lucky to have found you.

We're still very much basking in the glow and are just loving married life.

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Love and hugs,

Rob and David

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