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A Beautiful Boffins Wedding Review

In 2009 I had the pleasure of meeting Sally when she was taking/teaching Zumba at a fitness club I worked at.

She has an amazing life story and I've always admired her for pursuing her passions. Recently she posted on Facebook that she was now a certified marriage commissioner in Saskatchewan. My fiance and I had been talking about getting married for some time. When I saw Sally's post, I knew it was time! Having previously been married in 2007 and having attended a lot of weddings, One thing I wanted was for this ceremony dialogue to be different. I wanted someone who could be creative and not offer the same cut and paste, dated, dry, legalistic dialogue.

After sitting down with Sally and her asking me a bunch of questions, getting to know our story and why we wanted to get married, I knew I had chosen the right person. She offered plenty of dialogue options that were just what we were looking for! These weren't options that are traditional or something you would hear at another wedding. They also werent options she picked off a template. They were real. They were what love meant to us, why we valued eachother and our relationship, why we were chosing to commit. They were modern with traditional elements. I also loved how she was tearing up just reading them. She put real thoughts and emotion into the things she came up with. She put effort into the words we spoke to each other. She helped make our wedding day unique and one of a kind. They were words that we will always remeber.

She also gave us a printed version of the words she spoke so we can have them forever. After our ceremony my husband commented on how perfect her words were and how much they fit "us"

Would I recommend Sally? If you want someone who truly loves love, and will put in effort and passion into making your day your own, then yes, one hundred times yes, I would recommend her. She did a fabulous job, and we cannot thank her enough

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