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This is Your Ever After

Let us help you plan your perfect personalized wedding ceremony


Your Ever After humbly recognizes the land on which we celebrate is the sacred land of The First Nations People and home land of the Metis Nation. We stand in allyship with all people. We recognize our interconnection to all people, and the world around us. We live in gratitude for the future that we are creating together. 

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Are we the celebrants for you? 
While the person who 'marries' you, is not as important as the person who MARRIES you... it is still important to be sure you resonate and feel like it is a good fit. Our passion and mission as marriage commissioners is to uphold and celebrate the love stories of all people. All paths, all stories, all walks of life and all communities.    Those who have been married before, perhaps who are blending families. Couples who have an interfaith relationship and are looking for a way to merge their beliefs in one ceremony.  People who are non-binary, who are gay, are trans, or fall anywhere on the  rainbow. People who share a love story they never expected, we marry with joy and celebration, any who feel called to become married through the sanctity of ceremony. Ceremony has existed through all of human history, it is foundational as a society, and the beauty of ceremony is that it does not need to look any one way.  The imagination is the limit, our goal is that you feel supported through out the entire process and walk away feeling like the day could not have been any better. 

We are SO excited to be partnering with C.Inc Photography! If you are looking to add on photography to your elopement or paper signing please click below!



As the owner and founder of Your Ever After, I have been joyfully performing ceremony in Saskatoon for 8 years. I am a writer and teacher who became interested in offering personalized, authentic ceremonies.

After witnessing many non-religious wedding ceremonies that felt hallow and institutional, I identified a lack of options for couples wanting depth, meaning and personalization. The choice to not wed in a church should not remove the opportunity to share a deeply moving and ceremonious experience.  I find it be the greatest honour to stand in such a sacred space with people as they enter into a new chapter in their lives. Transitions and ceremonies should be marked in a way that feels personal and special. As a proud member of the 2SLBGTQ1+ community I am thrilled to be able to offer this service to my own community, as well as all else who feel called to work with me. ​

I offer you 8 years of experience and knowledge. 

I offer you a personalized ceremony that reflects your love and individual personalities.

I offer you my authenticity and presence as we plan, and attend to the big day.

I offer you my creativity and passion for putting words to paper.

I offer my easy going,  personable nature, which lends itself beautifully to these moments in life where we may need someone standing there holding space for you.


Cara Spence


I am honoured to join Sally and Your Ever After to offer secular and heartfelt ceremonies for couples coming together in marriage. I am a teacher and practitioner of Bhaktti yoga (yoga of love and devotion) for over 20 years!

I have travelled and studied across the globe. With a PhD in global health, I have worked across cultures and traditions, with a deep respect for all people and cultures. I believe in the power and strength of the bonds of love to support one another through the challenges and beauty of life.
As a student of the wisdom traditions, I offer insights and teachings that span across cultures and traditions
I offer a radiating sense of calm and ease to any situation and environment
I am thoughtful and present, ensuring that your important moment is recognized and remembered just as you imagined
Organized and conscientious, I offer exceptional professionalism in the planning and execution of your ceremony
I have an open heart and mind, willing to join any couple in love
I offer flexibility and accommodation to work with you to create a personalized ceremony of your dreams!

With business booming I am so excited to introduce the newest addition to Your Ever After!

Wedding Decorations

The Technical Steps

Getting married is a big deal and there is much to think about! Here is a simple, straightforward list of the steps you will need to take.

1. Obtain a marriage licence -This can be done at many of the local ring or dress stores, as well as SGI. This can be done up to 90 days in advance, no less than 24 hours! *Tip: call ahead to make sure the person you need is in! Take two pieces of ID. If this is not your first marriage, have your certificate of divorce with you!


2. Book your Commissioner - There are many of us to choose from and you can find detailed list on the Saskatchewan Government page. 

3. Contact your commissioner -to confirm time and location between 1-7 days before your ceremony! Especially with the Covid times and cancellations and changes a part of the regular routine, it is imperative that you contact the commissioner in the week leading up to your ceremony!


4. Get married!


5. Order Marriage certificate - If you require a legal name change or documentation to assist with citizenship, please visit E-health Saskatchewan and follow the instruction for ordering a marriage certificate (this additional certificate is not available from a marriage commissioner and must be obtained through the government). 


"Sally speaks from the heart, her passion for this career is obvious."


"She helped make our wedding day unique and one of a kind. They were words that we will always remember!"


"The words she chose, they were just US!"


The Packages

This is usually one of the first questions people come to me with; "What does this cost?" The government of Saskatchewan recognizes that Wedding Commissioners offer different services and different levels of engagement with the couples they work with. Because of that, they have left the business end up to individual Commissioners. My costs reflect my experience, my professionalism, and my commitment to the process. They are as follows:

Simply the Legals - $125

This package is for you if you are looking to make it legal. This is only to sign the papers. You come to me with two witnesses (I can provide witnesses at $25 per witness).  I can come to any location of your choosing within the city limits for an additional $25.


The Bubbles - $40

Make it a celebration with the "Bubbles add on". Share in a toast with a bottle of Prosecco for you and your witnesses.

The Elopement- $199

This is package is for if you are seeking a small intimate ceremony with a few witnesses or a small group. You want to skip the large fan fare of the wedding, but are looking for more than a simple signing experience. You perhaps would like to say your own vows and exchange rings. You are looking to have a short 10 minute ceremony to signify the day with little to no stress. You have a vision for an outdoor setting, or in the comfort of your own home or another place that holds special meaning. The Elopement has the elements of ceremony, with a laid back simplicity.This option can be booked in as short of notice as you need. You will also receive a digital certificate for name changing purposes.


The Wedding -$299

This package is for you if you are looking for a full wedding ceremony lasting approximately 15-25 minutes. This includes a phone call or zoom call to discuss your needs, all of the elements of a ceremony that you wish to include from one of my ceremony options and a virtual certificate of marriage. I will be present 20 minutes prior to the ceremony to get briefly acquainted and prepare .

The One of a Kind -$399

This is for those you if you are looking for the wedding with an extra infusion of personalization. The one of a kind ceremony, written for your day and your day only.  We will sit down together ahead of time (either in person or virtually) to sort through the details and get to know one another to create a personalized ceremony to fit your unique style and story, something that will resonate with you and align with your own personal reasons for celebrating your love and the decision to marry! With this package we not only meet, but you will fill out an extensive couple's questionnaire so that I can weave your story and your sentiments throughout your personalized ceremony; as unique as your love.  With this package I also work with you if you require help in writing your own vows and ensuring that every moment of the ceremony is tailored to you. Hand fasting, wine boxes, love letter ceremony, sand blending or other additions are also available to make your ceremony feel complete. This package includes a copy of your ceremony and a digital or physical decorative copy of a marriage certificate. This option also guarantees that you will be my only wedding of the day so you have my undivided attention. 

The Rehearsal - $50

If you would like to include a rehearsal I am available to be present to organize your processionals, the lead up to the ceremony, a walk through the ceremony and the exit. It can be a very valuable experience, and allow you to sleep better the night before as you know exactly what to expect!

Let's work together



A chance to get to know eachother & discuss your vision

Holding Hands


You fill out a detailed list of questions to help create your unique ceremony.

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Ceremony Day

The day we have all been waiting for!

Please complete the intake form below and I will respond within 24-48 hours



Thanks for submitting!

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